Updated: September 6, 2016

By Clayton Johns

BRIGHTON, Ont. – September 3, 2016 – Dylan Westbrook (No.47x Bradshaw Fuels) is quickly becoming the Sprint Car king at Brighton Speedway. The Oakland, Ont. teenager won his third straight Southern Ontario Sprints series race on night one of the Ultramar Labour Day Classic Weekend at Brighton Speedway Saturday night.

The 360 Sprint Car rookie started outside the front row with the ‘Joyceville Jet’ Rick Wilson (No.42w Draper Doors) on the pole. Wilson paced the first four circuits until the only caution of the race slowed the field in turn four after Charlie Sandercock (No.57 Bellevue Fabricating) spun in turn four.

Westbrook made his move on the single-file restart, throwing a slidejob at Wilson in turn one to take the lead off turn two. Wilson tried to return the favour at the other end of the track, but hopped the cushion in turn four and Westbrook held the lead.

At the halfway point, Westbrook had pulled away to a full straightaway lead over Wilson, but it began to evaporate over the final 10 laps as Westbrook struggled through two-wide lapped traffic. Westbrook raced behind a trio of cars that included Shawn Sliter (No.22 Giletta Flooring), Chris Jones (No.11J Jones Automotive) and Kyle Fraser (No.01 Oakridge Construction) who were battling for this sixth position.

The lead was reduced to five car lengths on the final lap, but it was enough for Westbrook to hold on for his fifth SOS win this season. Wilson finished in second ahead of Warren Mahoney (No.25 RBM Carriers), Sandercock and Steve Lyons (No.9 Creative Edge). Brighton Speedway regular Brandon Murrell (No.7 Price Welding) made his 360 Sprint Car debut in the race.


(Number Name – Hometown)
01 Kyle Fraser – White Lake, ON
7 Brandon Murrell – Gores Landing, ON
9 Steve Lyons – Carlisle, ON
11J Chris Jones – Picton, ON
15 Mike Ferrell – London, ON
15aw April Wilson – Joyceville, ON
22 Shawn Sliter – Port Colborne, ON
25 Warren Mahoney – Lefroy, ON
42w Rick Wilson – Joyceville, ON
47x Dylan Westbrook – Oakland, ON
48 Mike Burkin – Clyde, OH
57 Charlie Sandercock – Trenton, ON
66 Frank Baranowski – Mount Hope, ON
98 Paul Pekkonen – Brockville, ON

Heat 1 (8 Laps – Top 4 Redrew For Feature Starting Position)
1. 9 Steve Lyons
2. 42w Rick Wilson
3. 22 Shawn Sliter
4. 01 Kyle Fraser
5. 98 Paul Pekkonen
6. 15aw April Wilson
7. 15 Mike Ferrell
No Time.

Heat 2 (8 Laps – Top 4 Redrew For Feature Starting Position)
1. 47x Dylan Westbrook
2. 11J Chris Jones
3. 57 Charlie Sandercock
4. 25 Warren Mahoney
5. 48 Mike Burkin
6. 66 Frank Baranowski
7. 7 Brandon Murrell
Time: 1:48.038.

FEATURE (25 Laps)
1. 47x Dylan Westbrook
2. 42w Rick Wilson
3. 25 Warren Mahoney
4. 57 Charlie Sandercock
5. 9 Steve Lyons
6. 22 Shawn Sliter
7. 11J Chris Jones
8. 48 Mike Burkin
9. 01 Kyle Fraser
10. 98 Paul Pekkonen
11. 15aw April Wilson
12. 66 Frank Baranowski
13. 15 Mike Ferrell
14. 7 Brandon Murrell
No Time
Margin of Victory: 1.296 seconds.

A-Feature Lap Leaders – Rick Wilson 1-4, Dylan Westbrook 5-25

Dylan Westbrook – 5 (South Buxton July 2, Brighton July 9, Brighton August 6, Humberstone August 7, Brighton September 3), Mitch Brown – 2 (Brighton May 21, June 18), Ryan Susice – 1 (Humberstone June 5), Dave Dykstra – 1 (Ohsweken July 1)

Brighton Speedway – Sunday, September 4, 2016

About the Southern Ontario Sprints: Founded in 1996, the Southern Ontario Sprints series is a traveling winged 360 Sprint Car tour based in Ontario, Canada. 2016 marks the 21st year of operation for the Southern Ontario Sprints, brought to you this season by The National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum, www.ImageFactor.ca, and www.OntarioOvalOnDirt.com.

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Photo Attachment 1: 17-year-old Dylan Westbrook in victory lane with representatives from Rock 107 following his third straight SOS win at Brighton. (Rod Henderson photo).

Photo Attachment 2: Dylan Westbrook (No.47x) and Kyle Fraser (No.01) race through turn three during the Southern Ontario Sprints 25-lap feature on night one of the Labour Day Classic weekend. (Rod Henderson photo).